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pmdt is the global power industry's most capable and advanced resource for on-line partial discharge test equipment and testing services. over 20 years of ongoing research and development have given rise to a complete spectrum of diagnostic and monitoring systems for mv and hv power substations. modern diagnostic technology enables t&d companies to perform asset condition assessments on live energized power apparatus without any service interruption. no outages or de-energization of substations is required in order to perform critical diagnostic tests. most importantly, these strategies are affordable and cost-effective. power asset managers can realize cost savings in the millions or tens of millions while the implementation costs are in the tens of thousands. our manufacturing facility in the heart of silicon valley provides local access to high quality american-made circuit boards and components. we provide patented, reliable and robust equipment with with state-of-the-art capabilities for insulation testing of energized power equipment. certifications: iso 9001:2008, ul listed.